Standard sessions

12 Patient Surgery

Good for afternoons

A Session

No more than 12 patients

Typically no longer than 2.5 hours

15 Patient Surgery

Our GPs' favourite

AB session

12 patients, including mid-session 20-minute catch-up break

Further 20-minute catch up break, then either AB1: 3 patients or AB2: one visit

Up to a maximum of 3.5 hours

18 Patient Surgery

Best value

B session

12 patients with a 20-minute catch-up break in between

A further 20-minute catch-up break

Followed by either B1 6 more patients or up to 2 visits

On-call - Duty GP

Our most requested

C session

Up to 12 'on-the-day' patients.

20-minute break

Emergency clinical work

Urgent visits or extras as required

Evening sessions

9 Patient Surgery

Good for quieter practices

AAE session

Up to nine patients

Up to a maximum of two hours

12 Patient Surgery

For busier practices

AE session

Up to 12 patients

Up to a maximum of 2.5 hours

Saturday sessions

9 Patient Surgery

For quieter practices

AAS session

Up to nine patients

Typically no longer than two hours

12 Patient Surgery

Our most commonly booked Saturday session

AS session

12 patients, including mid-session 20-minute catch-up break

Up to a maximum of 2.5 hours

18 Patient Surgery

Best value

BS session

12 patients with a 20-minute catch-up break in between

A further 20-minute catch-up break

Followed by six more patients

Up to a maximum of four hours

Booking information


Rates include travel, booking fees and expenses (including visits).

Maternity, sabbatical and longer term cover

We have members who can cover longterm; please get in touch to find out more.


We make a % cancellation charge based on the number of days notice given by the practice:

>30 £5
22 - 30 10%
15 - 21 25%
7 -  14 50%
< 7 100%

To change the date of booked session, or from morning to afternoon, may be treated as a cancellation since the booked Pallanteer may miss out on work.

Additional hours

For work outside the specified, hours we may need to charge £45 per ½ hour.

Booking specific members

We are delighted to accommodate your requests for specific members.


  • We invoice at the end of every month; terms are 15 days upon receipt of invoice.
  • An administration fee of 5% per month is charged for payments received 30 days late.

Telephone Triage

  • We do not offer telephone triage as standard, so please specifically request if you need it.
  • All bookings are made subject to Pallant Medical Chambers booking guidelines found in our Practice Managers Handbook - please contact us for a link.

Cremation forms

Our members are often ideally placed to complete part 2 cremation forms for you. Please let us know if you require this service and we will organise it for you. The fee would be paid directly to the member.


If flexibility is required, please make it clear in your original request. This can mean swapping a visit for:

  • 3 patients or
  • 3 telephone calls or
  • additional paperwork, including routine prescriptions, letters and associated results

Where possible, a Pallanteer will extend a short surgery for a longer one, depending on their commitments that day. If this is to allow for visits, please allocate the visits and let the Pallanteer know this before their break so that they can manage their time to allow time to return to the practice to write up notes before the session time finishes.

Start times

If you need a specific start time, please specify in the initial request and we will do our best to accommodate you.

On-call/duty doctor surgeries

  • On-call times are normally 08.00-13.00 and 13.00-18.30, and  it is assumed that on-call/duty surgeries start at 9am or 2pm. However, telephone cover from 8 to 9am (or 1 to 2pm) is offered for these sessions at no additional cost if requested.  NB call-outs in this time are charged at £40 per ½ hour.
  • For visits, or other additional work beyond 6.30pm, we charge £40 per ½ hour.
  • If the member is the only doctor present at the practice, or is the “duty doctor”,  this will be charged as an on-call/duty doctor surgery, unless specifically agreed at the time of booking.