About us

Who we are...

We're a network of locum GPs who perform all our locum clinical sessions via our local chambers.

Rather than each of us working in isolation, we pool all our resources to employ a team of dedicated staff to handle all aspects of our work, leaving us free to focus on patient care.

We meet regularly in our local chambers to discuss clinical cases, share learning, support each other with significant events, and routinely give feedback to practices to help spread best practice.


All our members decide when they're available to work and specify what sort of duties they can fulfil on those days, and at which practices. Our managers have full access to those sessions and can instantly book and confirm any of those available sessions.

All documentation is checked by our staff, who are available by telephone 50 hours a week to handle any enquiries. If any issues do arise, we always involve the relevant GPs, who are also supported by their local chambers lead and our team of two clinical directors.