As GPs, it's too easy to miss a learning opportunity. So in Pallant, our team of managers are trained to pick up on these type of events and work with you to record this as evidence for your appraisal. SEAs can then be discussed with the other members in your chambers, all with the support of your chambers lead GP and Pallant's clinical directors.


Significant events

Although these can be both good and bad, it's always good to discuss significant events in the intimacy of regular supportive meeting with your Pallanteer colleagues. You can record these events easily with Pallant's own downloadable templates and store them in your own personal Pallant Google Drive. Then, when you meet up at your local regular Pallant clinical governance meetings, you can discuss them and collect your conversations as evidence for your appraisal.

When it comes to more serious 'untoward' significant events, our chambers managers are trained to handle these sensitively and liaise with you, your chambers lead and Pallant's clinical director to help you resolve any issues, reflect on your learning and share as appropriate with your chambers colleagues.


Quality improvement activities

Quality improvement activities should not be more difficult just because you work as a freelance locum GP. We produce a range of templates to help our members record and work through quality improvement activities, and share with colleagues. We also have a revalidation and appraisal lead partner who organises group-wide QIA activities such as audit, including a recent prescribing audit.


Colleague and patient feedback

Pallant Medical Chambers has its own GMC approved colleague and patient feedback systems, allowing all members to  use this for their appraisal, once every five years. As more members use this feedback, we are collating this data which will allow us to compare your results to a baseline.



Receiving a complaint is an inevitable part of being a GP; but as a Pallanteer, you will not need to deal with it alone. At Pallant, we ensure that all feedback about compliance is handled sensitively and always inform the member concerned. As part of a team, with regular social and professional activities, we have a very supportive network to help you through your complaint and put everything into context. We are even part of the Medical Protection Society's practice extra scheme, so members of MPS, receive a discount on their annual subscription.