Constantly improving

Every piece of feedback between anyone involved with the chambers is sensitively and confidentially used in the most productive way possible.

We have over 30 highly evolved systems and processes that make sure any event can be recorded and shared with precisely the right individual or team to make sure that all outcomes benefit the patient and positively motivate the clinicians concerned.

If you are interested in joining a chambers and don't see one already set-up in your area, please contact us to discuss how we can help you get one established - either a fully-fledged Pallant chambers, or we can help run yours for you.

Chambers FAQs

1Could our Chambers be accused of operating as a cartel by fixing prices?

Firstly each chambers decides its own rates as we have learned that it is much better for individual chambers to choose rates that are appropriate for the area that they work in. However, as the members within each separate chambers operate as a single trading entity - a ‘single undertaking’, Pallanteers are free to set rates within each chambers.

2How do we get a Chambers going in a new area?

Once there is a small core group, ideally 5 GPs who want to commit to working as a Pallant Medical Chambers, one of our Clinical Directors and one of our Chambers Managers will come to your area and go through all that’s needed to set you up. We’ll collate information about the new members and the new Chambers and rates so you have some 'Marketing Packs' to introduce your current practices to the Pallant way of doing things. We’ll get your existing bookings onto our bespoke booking system and - for no fee - we’ll take over all the billing/banking of your existing bookings for you.

3How many GPs do we need to start a Chambers?

Ideally 5 or more - starting as a small group you’ll be able to start chambers meetings and educational meetings and you will be able to offer practices reasonable availability between you. However, we would consider setting up with just one GP (and have done with members who have moved to a new area from an existing chambers), but in these circumstances a single-Pallanteer Chambers would 'buddy' with an adjacent Chambers until more GPs have been recruited.

4How soon can we get a new Chambers started?

That depends on you – if you’ve already got a core group of potential members, ideally some doctors who are already locuming locally, we can start within a week or so of getting all your details onto the system. We’ll work with you to make sure we’ve got a good database of practices to begin working with.

5What is a Chambers Lead?

This is a member of your local chambers who acts as your chambers clinical governance lead. Their role includes interviewing new applicants, chairing monthly meetings and managing significant events. They receive a reduction in their chamber’s fees which equates for an honorarium for this work. If you’re interested in being, or even sharing, the Chamber’s Lead role then let us know.

6Who selects the members to our Chambers?

This becomes the responsibility of the new chambers, under the direction of the Chamber’s Lead. Potential members apply via the Pallant Medical website, and we advise you whether we believe there is enough work coming into the chambers to sustain a new member. The Chambers Lead will arrange a time to interview the new applicant and our managers will arrange for their references etc and take it from there.

7Who sets the Chambers rates?

Pallant Medical Chambers uses a very well tested and implemented session schedule, but we leave it to our Pallanteers to decide the rates for each Chambers. We are here to help Pallanteers decide but will reflect the local market rate.

8Why should I consider establishing a new Pallant Medical Chambers?

You can benefit from working as part of a growing network of chambers and from our experience and expertise, using the systems we have developed without having to invest the significant amount of time, energy and money that is needed to set up a successful chambers on your own.

9Will Pallant Medical Chambers help me set up an independent chambers in my area?

We would always recommend establishing Pallant Medical Chambers in a new area as a first option, but if there are particular reasons which require an independent approach we may be able to offer an established group of GPs assistance with administration support and other management tasks. Please get in touch to discuss this further.

10Will we feel part of the team if we set up a ‘satellite’ chambers?

Yes, we would work closely with you and visit as often as necessary to make the transition as smooth as possible. We would launch with a press release in your area and make contact with all the practices you currently work at to reassure them. We would explain the relationship between you and Pallant Medical Chambers and the services offered and spell out the advantages to them; and if necessary a Chambers Manager will be available to make visits to practices with yourselves.