CRP testing in general practice

Two new 'MIBs' have been released by NICE. MIBs are 'Medtech Innovation Briefings'. They make no assessment of cost-effectiveness, nor whether a technology should be used, but just describe that a technology is available and what it is.

These two MIBs, look at two different methods of testing for CRP in general practice. One method is 'QuikRead CRP'' and the other is 'Alere Afinion CRP'. Both are quite expensive for the machine and the strips. They have similar accuracy to a lab CRP result. The hope is that they would reduce antibiotic prescribing in lower respiratory tract infections. They are not very sensitive (i.e. they don't pick up all pneumonia), but they are specific (they are good at picking up cases that aren't pneumonia).

We may see these being used in the not too distant future, so just worth knowing about...

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