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Starting a new Chambers - It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Setting up a new Chambers in your area couldn't be easier - we’ll give you all the support you need to get you started. All you need, is a group of enthusiastic GPs who want to work together (we recommend a minimum of 2 or 3 to start).

If you’re already working as a Freelance GP, we’ll add all your existing bookings to our booking system, invoice these at no extra cost and let the practices know.

We’ll introduce ourselves to any new practices and market your availability ongoing.

Our experienced team of Managers look forward to hearing from you ...

Chambers FAQs

1Who sets the rates?

We have sought legal counsel on this matter to ensure we are compliant with legislation. Our freelance GPs work as 'single entities' and can set their own individual rates - so please be aware these will vary.

2How do we get a new Chambers going in a new area?

Once there is a small core group, ideally 3 or more GPs, who want to commit to working together, we'll get you set up as a new Chambers. Your existing bookings will be added to our booking system and - for no fee - we'll take over the invoicing of these sessions (at whatever price you have agreed), which will help get practices used to hearing from us. We'll actively market your availability to practices ongoing and aim to get you work near where you live.

3What is a Chambers Lead?

This is the Pallanteer who helps run your local Chambers. Their role includes interviewing new applicants, chairing meetings and liaising over any significant events. They receive a reduction in their Chambers' fees and booking priority in recognition of this work. If you're interested in being the Chambers Lead role then please let us know.

4Who selects the members for our Chambers?

Potential members apply via the Pallant Medical website, and their details are passed onto your Chambers Lead who will review their details and arrange an interview - usually via Skype. If they are accepted, our Managers will check all their documentation and induct them on the Pallant systems.

5Who sets Chambers rates?

Pallant has a range of session types, and we leave it to individual Pallanteers to decide on the rates they wish to charge for these - from a range of options. The price will be made clear to practices prior to confirming any bookings. Pallanteers have the option to occasionally update their charges and we also have annual review of pricing across the board.

6Why should I consider establishing a new Pallant Chambers in my area?

You can benefit from our experience and great reputation in setting up and running an expanding network of Chambers since 2004. We have bespoke software, an experienced team, and evolved systems for dealing with any problems. Let us take all the effort out of the booking and paperwork side of things so you can concentrate on the clinical aspect within your peer group Chambers team.

7Will we feel part of the team if we set up a 'satellite' Chambers?

Of course! You will soon get to know our management team and have access to their help any time of the working day - we are more than just a bit of online software. We work hard to build good relationships with our Pallanteers and your local practices. We have an online community and share learning points from each others Chambers meetings and where Chambers are geographically close enough, we'll help arrange joint social events.

8Do I have to work exclusively for Pallant and will I get enough work?

Yes and yes but if you let us know your availability in plenty of time we will be able to book your available sessions well in advance - that is the key. Joining and expecting work tomorrow is possible but a lot less likely. So, if you're leaving a salaried post in 3 months time, we'd encourage you to join asap so we can start booking and marketing your availability straight away.