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Covid19 guidance for healthworkers globally


As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, Primary Care International has begun to receive urgent requests for help from front-line primary healthcare workers in very resource-poor settings around the world. These are doctors and nurses who have previously participated in PCI training programmes in partnership with the UNHCR, WHO, Ministries of Health and NGOs across Africa and Asia. Doctors and nurses who are working in poor, crowded settings where social distancing may be an impossibility, where regular hand-washing is an unaffordable luxury, and where many people have no hope of accessing hospital care.

Rapidly mobilising to respond to these requests – fast-tracking months of development work into a matter of days and harnessing the goodwill of our clinicians as they worked voluntarily round the clock to pull together initial guidance – we are this week launching brand new COVID-19 e-learning content hosted within our new PCI Academy.

This content – consistent with PCI style – cuts through the noise to provide concise, pragmatic guidance to front-line health workers. And because the guidance is written by primary healthcare workers for primary healthcare workers – and responds to questions received from colleagues around the world – it gets straight to the answers doctors and nurses need right now. It draws on up-to-date guidance from key sources including the WHO, UNHCR and PCI’s own sister organisation Red Whale (a leading provider of medical education in the UK).

We know that this resource will help hundreds – if not thousands – of healthcare workers to make the best possible choices for their patients and their populations. We have decided to make this content freely available and would like to see as many healthcare workers accessing it as possible. But we need your help to do this!

PCI is a small social enterprise; many of our existing projects are currently suspended, and our finances have taken a hit. With hosting fees limiting the number of users we can accept at 500, we are seeking additional financing to lift the user cap and invest in the necessary developments to the content that will be needed in coming weeks. Mental health and palliative care are the next big topics we are being asked to cover.

We are hoping that you will consider contributing towards this work. This may be £15, it may be £150  - but every single donation will mean additional frontline healthworkers in resource-poor settings can better support their patients and communities at this time.