Getting off to a good start - Surgery computer access / log in for our Locums

 It would be great if you could help our Pallanteers to get set up to work efficiently at your practice from the moment they arrive - without having to bother your busy staff.

.....A big thank you to all practices who already do this! 

Having a computer switched on and ready to go would be fantastic and avoid any ‘booting up’ delays.

For Windows log in: 

It would be great if each locum was set up with an individual log in, or at least a generic locum log in on arrival to their room or e-mailed in advance. 

Smartcard access: 

All our Pallanteers have NHS Smartcards which we provide in advance and can be found in our booking confirmation emails. 

When they log in with their Smartcards they have a big drop down list of all the practices the card is linked to - so they can tell straight away if you have linked up their card to your practice.     This allows link up to clinical systems and electronic prescribing.

EMIS Web, System One etc: 

Having individual log ins for each locum is essential and having this set up for new users before arrival would be great. (It is rare to find generic locum log ins but sadly it still occurs on occasions and we’ve had one incident this year where one of our Pallanteers was wrongly named in a patient complaint - as there had been two locums logged in on the system that day!). Ideally having log in using Smartcard access is easiest, especially in System One where it is not uncommon for each locum to end up with multiple username identities. If the locum has not been at your practice for some time please check to see if they need to be ‘re-enabled’ within the system. 


Where Docman is used, the easiest solution is to have this linked directly to the clinical system so that it automatically connects, once logged on. If this is not possible then please supply an individual or generic Docman locum log in that can be used to view documents. 


Please, please set this up in advance of your locum arriving. Many of the referral documents and information within DXS are no longer available elsewhere and we know that paper referrals are often no longer accepted. It is very frustrating all round to have to bother one of your GP partners at the end of surgery and to get them to do each physio form or 2 week rule referral etc. It only needs to be set up once and you can add multiple users at the same time. Please find guidance information attached to this e-mail. Once you have added users within EMIS you will need to ring DXS for them to download the relevant software via one of your available computer terminals - which takes 15-20 mins, I believe. 

Dictation software: Lexacom, Digidictate etc

Please supply a locum log in for any of these systems and ideally have some basic instructions if it is not straightforward.

Ideally, have more than one locum log please, as it will not work if another locum is logged in elsewhere in the building.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this - and of course, we would welcome any feedback on how the process could be improved further.