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Your Agreement between Pallanteer and Pallant Medical Chambers (PMC)

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Confidentiality statement

As GPs we are obliged to follow the GMC guidance with regards confidentiality:

See the guidance here

Some practices do require additional assurances however, so we would ask you to please read the following statement and agree to it at the bottom.

In the course of your employment or associated work with any Practice you have been booked with through Pallant Medical, you may have access to, see or hear, confidential information concerning: the medical or personal affairs of patients, staff or associated healthcare professionals; or the business dealings of the practice. Unless acting on the instructions of an authorised officer within the practice, on no account should such information be divulged or discussed except in the performance of your normal duties or learning, unless required by law or by duties as defined by the GMC.

This obligation shall continue in perpetuity.

You must ensure that all records, including VDU screens and computer printouts of registered data, are never left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can obtain access to them. VDU screens must always be cleared when left unattended and you must ensure you log out of computer systems, removing your password. All computer passwords must be kept confidential.


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