In order to be able to offer quality care, we have a number of systems that set us apart from independent or agency locums.

Chambers meetings

Each chambers meets regularly to discuss clinical and administrative issues. These are small group meetings which allow a safe environment in which to discuss patient cases, complaints and shared learning.

There is such a range of experience within each chambers that the learning is significant and often unexpected - not just clinical care and research but top tips on consulting, running to time, what to carry in your bag and so on. The supportive nature of these meetings also ensures that you are never alone with a complaint and never need to feel the clinical isolation that can commonly occur in general practice.

Clinical governance tools

We take feedback seriously and we have a number of tools to ensure that if something in our care can be improved that practices feel able to easily share this with us. We reflect as a team at our meetings and the learning is shared amongst each and every chambers’ member.

We also find that practices welcome feedback from us; we’re working in a number of practices and can often share best practice information.

Pallant directory

Our members can access an up-to-date directory which has information about local practices, local guidelines, useful numbers and so on. This means you can easily arrive in an area and be readily acquainted with the ‘how to’. This directory also contains information about pensions, appraisals, IT information, etc.

Education meetings

In addition to our chambers meetings, we keep a diary of educational events in each area and how to book them. We also provide a yearly BLS update. Please contact us if you wish to promote educational events in your area. See our Education Events page for more details.

Appraisal and Revalidation

We’ve teamed up with Fourteen Fish to provide our doctors with an opportunity to access a comprehensive Revalidation package. You can join our ‘Pallant Community’ and take advantage of the special discounted rate offered to Pallant members by Fourteen Fish.

Whichever toolkit you use, we offer a five-yearly patient feedback survey and an opportunity to benchmark against independent locums, salaried GPs and GP partners.

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