• Tired of working in isolation?
    ...Be part of a team and join our Chambers
  • GPs in a pod
  • Connecting Locum GPs and Practices
Are you thinking of becoming a Freelance GP or you may already be a Locum GP but feeling isolated and exposed...

We’d love to tell you about how great it is to work as a locum in chambers.

You’ll get...

  • Support through complaints and significant events.
  • The support of a team of like minded, experienced Locum GPs and ANPs
  • Admin support from our fantastic managers, who will manage your work diary, generate and chase your invoices and lots more
  • To choose when and where you’d like to work
  • To decide the hours and days you want to work
  • To attend regular meetings for clinical and educational support, so you’ll feel part of a team
  • Control over what type of sessions you want to offer and what you want to charge, without having to negotiate with practices
  • To balance your professional and personal commitments
  • Access continuous learning and educational development through our local events
  • Have access to local area information on practices, hospitals, referral guidance etc via a tailor-made profile portal
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We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
  • I think Pallant is great and has brought a lot of benefits to me. I love the session structure, staff who chase up payments and booking and also free me up to do GP work and reduce the tedium and admin of being a locum doctor.

    Pallanteer - December 2017
  • I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your help and support over the last 6 months.  I have really enjoyed being a member of Pallant and feel it extremely well run and a great way to locum.

    Dr Zahra Damji - Pallanteer
  • I have been so impressed with Pallant – the standards, governance and support through the Chambers’ structure are excellent, and I have made sure that my GP principal ex-colleagues have a better idea of how good locums really are! The bookings are really efficient and using the on-line diary and Locum8 booking system is so easy and flexible – which I like. You also gave me a brilliant induction to the system, thank you.

    Dr Sue Maccallum - Chichester Pallanteer
  • Chambers meetings are great, as is the communication between our chambers members via email - really removes the isolation one can experience as a locum.

    Dr Maz Mwambazi - Pallanteer
  • I would very much like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Pallant.  The smoothness of the booking process; ease of amending availability; payment chasing; and session structure options are second to none.  I honestly have nothing but praise for how everyone works.

    Dr Tim Stride - Pallanteer