Pulse Virtual: Public Health, Immunisations & Lifestyle Medicine

Event overview:

Public Health, Immunisations and Lifestyle Medicine

Tuesday, 26 September 2023

09:30 - 10:25
Chair's opening remarks and How to recognise syphilis in primary care
Dr Nadi Gupta, Consultant GU/HIV Physician, Rotherham Sexual Health Services

10:40 - 11:25
Disparities in diabetes care: another health inequality?
Dr Tony Willis, GP and Clinical Lead for Diabetes, North West London Integrated Care Board, Richford Gate Medical Practice, North West London ICB

11:40 - 12:25
Managing depression in adults
Prof Carolyn Chew-Graham, General Practitioner, Manchester, Professor of General Practice Research, Keele University

This will be a case-based talk, which will focus on a typical patients seen and managed in general practice, with distress, anxiety and depression.

  • Management options will be considered for a variety of scenarios
  • The current evidence-base to inform decisions will be discussed
  • Discussion will draw on the updated NICE guideline for depression

Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their current practice and their ongoing learning needs

12:45 - 13:30
Obesity: Swimming against the tide
Dr Soo Yit Gustin Mak, Locum GP, Registrar in Sports and Exercise Medicine, North West training programme for Sports Medicine

  • What is happening in the healthy weight strategy in Public health Manchester, public health research in this area
  • What are the current updates on obesity management in adults and children, now and the future
  • Resoures for GPs – how to have that conversation. Moving Medicine

14:00 - 14:45
Enhancing health through lifestyle medicine: assessing and managing risk factors in nutrition, exercise, and stress
Dr Leila Dehghan, Nutritionist, Exercise Referral Instructor, Lecturer on University of Winchester Plant Based Nutrition Course, Association for Nutrition, Founder of Plant-Based Health Justice

  • Exploring the impact of lifestyle on health: An in-depth examination of how nutrition, exercise, and stress influence overall well-being and disease prevention.
  • Implementing effective interventions: Strategies and approaches to address risk factors through lifestyle modifications, with a focus on empowering patients and providing culturally appropriate advice.
  • Navigating referral pathways: Guiding healthcare professionals on effective intervention techniques and referral pathways to support patients in achieving optimal health outcomes.

15:00 - 15:45
Domestic violence and abuse: what GPs need to know
Dr Roxanne Keynejad, NIHR Clinical Lecturer in General Adult Psychiatry, King’s College London

16:00 - 16:45
Improving vaccination rates: how should we achieve this post-pandemic?
Dr James Larcombe, Locum GP, Sedgefield, County Durham

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