Tyneside & Tynedale Locum Chambers

Tyneside & Tynedale

Tyneside and Tynedale Chambers is a Chambers of self-employed GPs who work in a supportive setting to provide locum sessions to local practices, whilst maintaining high professional standards.

Our Chambers offers GP locums a professional and supportive structure in which to continue to practise their chosen specialty (general practice) whilst affording them much needed control over working hours and workload and flexibility to meet other professional and personal commitments, and maintain other interests outside medicine.

We aim to encourage continued personal and organisational learning, to retain GPs in the workforce and to work in partnership with the local health economy to support and preserve its most valuable asset - its workforce. There is growing evidence that the option to work as a locum and the supportive set up of a Chambers are both important factors in retaining GPs in the workforce.

We welcome applications from excellent GPs who are interested in working as part of our Chambers.